Meet Me in Gaza: Uncommon Stories of Life Inside the Strip.pdf

Meet Me in Gaza: Uncommon Stories of Life Inside the Strip.pdf


'This book celebrates Gaza, its joys, its iron will to survive in the face of adversity and the humour that sustains its people. Vividly written, it is infused with a love of life.' Raja Shehadeh 'The power and value of this brave account lies in [Waugh's] description of the people of Gaza and the lives they live' Anthony Sattin, Sunday Times Travel Books of the Month 'Powerful and deeply heartfelt - Louisa Waugh has succeeded in showing us the true face of Gaza. I urge everyone to read this.' Izzeldin Abuelaish 'A moving and fascinating insight into life in Gaza' Esther Freud 'A riveting, revealing and poignant account' Mariella Frostrup, BBC4 Open Book 'A very different offbeat insight into Gaza and its people, delivered in a narrative style that succeeds precisely because it is simple, straightforward and devoid of any ostentation - As readers we should be grateful for that and the eloquent, perceptive book [Waugh] has written.' David Pratt, Sunday Herald 'A tender portrait of beleaguered humanity.' Chris Stewart 'The beautiful normality of people shines from each page - ordinary, quirky people forced to live in the most brutal of situations, coping one day after another. Waugh's book is a worthy tribute to them.' Sarah Irving, Electronic Intifada 'Waugh finds laughter, rage, resistance and beauty in Gaza and even, despite all the odds, hope. Her honest and big-hearted celebration of the Gazan people deserves the warmest welcome.' Stars: 5 New Internationalist, 'Deeply moving and deeply disturbing' Middle East Monitor 'An admirable book' The Economist

Louisa B. Waugh lived and worked in the Gaza Strip from December 2007 to April 2009. Her other works include Hearing Birds Fly: A Nomadic Year in Mongolia, which won the 2004 inaugural Royal Society of Literature Ondaatje Prize, and Selling Olga: Stories of Human Trafficking and Resistance.

Contents: Glossary 7 Introduction 11 Part One Hammam al-Samara 17 the hafla 26 moles in damp tunnels 30 sun and moon letters 43 even the foreigners are escaping! 56 Gaza from the air 67 coffee and cigarettes 76 zift 79 scents of history 88 great night for a party! 95 Tom and Jerry 103 Part Two the milking station 113 why no one visits the Swailams 120 Catherine and the Tulip 129 rocket talk 136 shortly before six in the morning 142 Part Three pleasure at the weekend 147 of all the ports 158 sea creatures 170 Ramadan for Christians 177 Operation Smile and Hope 186 bedouin 193 bell jar 196 Part Four the fridge 209 Bruno does tension zones 216 How-How 222 Muhammad and all the things he might have done 230 the mathaf 236 imagining A. Love 240 Part Five the same but now different 251 the cage 263 Abu Nidal goes first class to Cairo 270 chance of rain: zero per cent 279 the Wadi of Pleasure 286 Epilogue 294 Acknowledgements 297 Notes 299

Do Gazans ever have fun? Is the Strip beautiful? And do TV reports actually reflect ordinary life inside the world's largest 'open-air prison'? From beautiful beaches to sealed borders, from a secret New Year's Eve party to a lingerie market staffed entirely by men, award-winning writer Louisa Waugh paints an intimate picture of Gaza, revealing the pleasures and pains, hopes and frustrations of Gazans going about their daily lives. Meet Me in Gaza is an evocative portrait of a Mediterranean land and its people, and a touching account of what it means to be Gazan.


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