Smart Grids: Clouds, Communications, Open Source, and Automation.pdf

Smart Grids: Clouds, Communications, Open Source, and Automation.pdf


Electric Energy Systems: Present and Future Which Companies Will Win the Smart Grid Game? Communications in Smart Grids Security in Smart Grids Microgrids: Design, Function, Operation Integrating Advance Demand Information in Smart Grid Supply Chains Power Grid Network Analysis for Smart Grid Applications Emerging Wide-Area Power Applications with Mission Critical Data Delivery Requirements GridStat: Mission Critical Rate-Based Data Delivery for the Wide Area Power Grid Open Source Power Applications GridCloud, ARPA-E Project Making Cloud Computing Mission Critical Power Application Possibilities for Cloud Computing GridSim, Smart Grid Simulation Framework Photovoltaic Energy Generation and Control Self-Tuning and Self-Diagnosing Simulation A Distributed Framework for Smart Grid Modeling, Monitoring and Control Stable Multi-Agent Based Fully Distributed Optimization of Smart Grids Expert Systems Application for the Reconfiguration of Electric Distribution Systems Vision of Future Control Centers in Smart Grids

The electric power grid is in the early stage of a sea change, and hype about smart grid is at a high point. Investment money is pouring in, searching for a "killer app" and profits. The smart grid revolution will require utilities and their suppliers to develop new business models, strategies, and processes. Nobody knows which business models will survive the Darwinian contest, but companies heeding the lessons here can increase their chances of success. This book explores the design and implementation of the smart grid.


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