The House of War and Witness.pdf

The House of War and Witness.pdf


There's an intriguingly playful approach to the storytelling. There are rewards to be had for the patient reader. SCI FI NOW A captivating book that carries you along on an entertaining journey. SFX If you like classical feeling fantasy tales with modern complexities, which is enchanting, captivating and enjoyable then The City silk and Steel should be top of your list. -- Gavin Pugh GAV READS

Mike Carey is a comics writer, novelist and screenwriter who lives and works in London. He is best known for his work on the multiple EISNER-nominated series Lucifer and for a critically acclaimed run on Vertigo's flagship title, HELLBLAZER. He is the author of the Felix Castor novels and is currently writing the monthly series, The Unwritten, for DC Vertigo. He has also written X-Men, X-Men Legacy and Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics. His screenplay SILENT WAR, written for Slingshot and Intrepid Pictures, is about to go into production. Linda Carey, writing as A.J. Lake, authored the Darkest Age fantasy trilogy. She has also written for TV, most notably for the German animation series Meadowlands, on which she shared the duties of lead writer. Louise's Carey's previous writing includes DIARY OF A LONDON SCHOOLGIRL for the website of the London Metropolitan archive and the graphic novel CONFESSIONS OF A BLABBERMOUTH, co-written with Mike. She is a member of the Chicken Shed theatre company and has acted in their productions of ALICE IN WONDERLAND and GRIMM NIGHTS.

When a company of Austrian soldiers is sent to the village of Narutsin to defend the border, they find the previous garrison gone, the great house of Pokoj a dilapidated ruin, and the villagers sullen, secretive and belligerent. Convinced the villagers are keeping secrets - and possibly consorting with the Prussians - the commanding officer orders his junior lieutenant, Klaes, to investigate. While Klaes sifts through the villagers' truths, half-truths and lies, Drozde, the quartermaster's woman, is making uncomfortable discoveries of her own - about her protector, about Pokoj and about herself. Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, Drozde is popular throughout the camp for her salacious and entertaining puppet shows. All her life, she has been in control, but as Narutsin gives up its secrets, it becomes clear to Drozde that she dances on Fate's strings as helplessly as anyone else. The Soldiers of the empress and the villagers of Narutsin are about to find themselves actors in a story that has been unfolding for centuries. It will end in blood - that much is written - but how much blood will depend on Klaes' honour, Drozde's skill and courage, and the fact that the great house of Pokoj is not nearly as empty as it seems...


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