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Miranda Thurston is Professor of Public Health and Director of the Centre for Public Health Research at the University of Chester, UK. She is currently Visiting Professor of Public Health at Hedmark University College, Norway.

Introduction 1. Advocacy 2. Behaviour Change 3. Causality 4. Climate Change and Sustainable Development 5. Community 6. Demography 7. Deprivation and Poverty 8. Determinants of Health 9. Economic and Human Development 10. Education 11. Epidemiology 12. Ethics 13. Evaluation 14. Evidence 15. Global health and Globalization 16. Health 17. Health Education 18. Health Literacy 19. Health Needs 20. Health Promotion and the New Public Health 21. Inequalities in Health 22. Lifecourse 23. Lifestyle 24. Medicine 25. Official Statistics 26. Partnerships and Partnership Working 27. Place 28. Policy 29. Prevention 30. Primary Health Care 31. Risk 32. Screening 33. Settings 34. Social Capital 35. Social Marketing 36. Socialization 37. The Welfare State

Key Themes in Public Health consists of introductory short essays exploring fifty key themes and concepts in public health. Ranging from political and economic concern with improving population health and reducing health inequalities, to debates about how to protect the population from new health threats, as well as a concern with individual responsibility for lifestyles and behaviour, the themes discussed include: determinants of health; globalisation; evidence; risk and population. Presenting provocative ways of thinking about key ideas in a concise fashion, each essay provides a basic grounding in the relevant theme as well as a departure point for further study by: Defining the theme in an accessible way Illustrating its application and significance in the field Identifying and exploring issues surrounding each of the themes Providing several references for further reading. This text provides an accessible overview for students new to public health who want to get to grips with the full range and complexity of this diverse and multidisciplinary field.


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