Dr Funkenstein: The Life & Times of George Clinton & the P Funk Collective.pdf

Dr Funkenstein: The Life & Times of George Clinton & the P Funk Collective.pdf


Kris Needs is a former NME journalist and Zigzag editor. He has written several rock biographies including Blondie: Parallel Lives (published by Omnibus Press), Joe Strummer and the Legend of the Clash, The Scream: The Music Myths and Misbehaviour of Primal Scream and Trash! The Complete New York Dolls. H. He is a regular contributor to Record Collector and Mojo.

The first in-depth biography of one of music's most fascinating, colourful and innovative characters. The definitive history of the last of the black music pioneers.He stands alongside James Brown as one of the most influential black artists of all time and along with his P-Funk Collective, took black funk into the US charts and sold out stadiums by the mid 1970s with his extravagant shows. Contains a wealth of new first hand interview material with Clinton, key P-Funk personnel and other friends and associates. Eye-witness accounts of key moments in Clinton's history create the ultimate P-Funk history. Features new interviews including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rick James, Prince, Zapp, Public Enemy, Living Colour and others. Presents a unique record of black popular culture alongside the broader historical context of social changes. A fan since the early 1970s, Kris Needs has collected every Clinton-related record and has written a number of exhaustive histories of the P-Fun collective for a variety of magazines. He has interviewed Clinton several times and got to know him during the 1990s.


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