There's a Stegosaurus on the Stairs.pdf

There's a Stegosaurus on the Stairs.pdf


Chris Jarvis is an education officer at the Oxford Museum of Natural History. He also writes and draws cartoons based on natural history, and he has acted as a consultant on various children’s science books and appeared on British television's science quiz show How on Earth? He lives in Oxford. Ruth Symons lives in London.

Imagine if dinosaurs were alive today... How would they cope? Join Stegosaurus as she plays in the park, goes to a party, and tries bowling. Along the way, discover just how big, spiky, and colorful she really was! There's a Stegosaurus on the Stairs gives young readers a simple introduction to four dinosaur species: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops. By imagining dinosaurs in modern-day scenarios, readers learn about their size, diet, and other features. For example, a Stegosaurus weighed as much as three cars — so just imagine how it would play on a seesaw! The engaging question-and-answer format keeps young readers entertained and helps them understand and retain dinosaur facts.


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