Lion: A Diary Written by Lion.pdf

Lion: A Diary Written by Lion.pdf


Steve Parker is an author, editor, and consultant specializing in illustrated information books on the natural world, biology, technology, and general sciences. He has written over 250 books and is a Senior Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London. He lives in London.

“When I was little, I stayed by my Mum’s side. Now I’m bigger, I can explore on my own. Yesterday I went to Muddy Hollow to hand out with some savannah neighbours. We meet in secret, because My Pride would think they’re food, not friends!”

Travel to a range of different animal kingdoms in this second series of Animal Diaries. From the hot savannah plains of Africa to the freezing cold South Pole, from soaring in the sky to living near a pond, each diary is an amazing insight into an animal’s life. This unique series gives young readers a peek into the diaries written by the animals themselves, charting their lives from birth to maturity with all the adventures that happen in between.


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