Penguin: A Diary Written by Penguin.pdf

Penguin: A Diary Written by Penguin.pdf


Steve Parker is an author, editor, and consultant specializing in illustrated information books on the natural world, biology, technology, and general sciences. He has written over 250 books and is a Senior Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London. He lives in London.

“My favorite trick is to hold my breath, dive deep and look up to spot prey just below the ocean surface or under an ice flow floe. I race up fast, grab one, swallow it, swim back down and then do it all over again.”

In Penguin’s very own diary, young animal enthusiasts discover how he keeps warm in temperatures colder than a freezer and why he'll grow up to be the most devoted dad in the animal kingdom! Readers also meet the other creatures that Penguin shares his icy world with. The Animal Diaries series are personal accounts written by young animal diarists. Sometimes funny and always exciting, these highly entertaining firsthand accounts provide readers with an intriguing insight into the life of each animal. Each diary charts the animal's life from birth to maturity, with all the adventures that happen in between. Each book is a mixture of diary entries, informative extracts, sketches, and fact-filled animal profile cards.


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