Silent Protector: One Man Making a Difference.pdf

Silent Protector: One Man Making a Difference.pdf


The world's heavyweight boxing champion metamorphoses into a global crime fighter in this graphic novel. C. Canil--C. C.--is contemplating retirement. Sick and tired of the world's woes, he endeavors to use his platform as an international boxer to personally tackle crime--from Africa to Europe and the Caribbean to the Galapagos Islands. His first encounter is with former big-time wrestler, Bullman, who is suspected of using a substance to achieve his massive bulk and seemingly inhuman strength. Increasingly angry and unruly of late, Bullman suddenly goes on a rampage throughout the city, causing chaos and extensive destruction. Clad in the bulletproof apparel his chemist wife constructed for him, C. C. approaches the temporarily crazed wrestler in hopes of peacefully calming him down. But order cannot be restored without a fight between the two of them.


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