Berlitz Language: Malay Phrase Book & CD.pdf

Berlitz Language: Malay Phrase Book & CD.pdf


Berlitz, the expert in languages since 1878.

The Berlitz Malay Phrase Book & CD is ideal for use on a trip to Malaysia. In addition to all the phrases you will really need to express yourself in Malay, the Phrase Book offers a wealth of useful cultural tips on Malaysia and a dictionary featuring over 3000 entries. With its pocket-sized format and user-friendly design, the Malaysian Phrase Book & CD enables you to find what you need quickly and easily. The book gives simplified phonetics help pronounce the Malay words and phrases correctly, and the CD is ideal if you want extra practice to perfect your pronunciation. Stunning images enhance the content and make this the most visually attractive Malay phrase book & CD on the market.


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