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Kim Moritsugua s five previously published novels include "Looks Perfect" (shortlisted for the Toronto Book award); "The Glenwood Treasure" (shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Best Crime Novel Award); and "The Restoration of Emily." She lives in Toronto, where she leads a walking tour for Heritage Toronto, and teaches creative writing through the Humber School for Writers.

When supermum Mary Ann discovers that her banker husband has been cheating on her, she sets out to have an affair of her own. With the reluctant help of her best friend, Alice, she convenes a monthly dinner club in the hope of solving her problems. Mary Ann invites some women friends to join her, as well as three potential male lovers. The result is the Oakdale Dinner Club, a group that meets regularly to explore fine food, fine wine, and as much extramarital sex as they can possibly fit in. Kim Moritsugu follows the exploits of a once-ordinary housewife on a determined quest for infidelity in a novel that is perfect fare for readers who like their fiction sharp and witty with a strong dash of spice.


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