A Journey Through Russia: Encounters with People and Places.pdf

A Journey Through Russia: Encounters with People and Places.pdf


Eugene H. Hayworth: Professor Hayworth's research includes a focus on library instruction, collection development, and management in the areas of social sciences, with an emphasis on business ethics research, and arts and entrepreneurship. His secondary area of interest is literature and literary criticism, and he is cJens Muhling: Jens Muhling, born in 1976, is an editor of a German newspaper in Moscow and has been working for the Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel since 2005. He has won the Axel-Springer-Prize and the Peter-Boenisch-Prize for reportage.

For the last ten years, journalist Jens Muhling has been traveling through Russia in search of stories that appear unbelievable: a hermit from the Taiga who only recently discovered there was a world beyond the woods; a mathematician who believes a thousand years of Russian history to be a fairy tale; a priest who ventures into the exclusion zone around Chernobyl to preach to those that stubbornly remain there. Muhling shows us a country whose customs, contradictions, absurdities, and attractions are still largely unknown beyond its borders.


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