Current Controversies in Epistemology.pdf

Current Controversies in Epistemology.pdf


Ram Neta is professor of philosophy at the Univiersity of North Carolina.

Introduction. Ram Neta, Epistemology: Current Controversies I. The A Priori: can we gain justification independently of experience? 1. C.S.I. Jenkins, "What Can We Know A Priori?" 2. Michael Devitt, "We Don't Learn About the World by Examining Concepts: A Response to Carrie Jenkins" II. The A Posteriori: how does perception justify belief? 3. Richard Fumerton, "How Does Perception Justify Belief?" 4. Nicholas Silins, "Experience Does Justify Belief" III. The Regress of Justification: does justification rest on a foundation? 5. Declan Smithies, "Can Foundationalism Solve the Regress Problem?" 6. Peter Klein, "No Final End in Sight" IV. Skepticism: can we know that we are not completely deceived? 7. Anthony Brueckner, "Skeptical Mystery Tour" 8. Ernest Sosa, "Can the Skeptic Be Refuted?" Supplemental Guide to Further Controversies Index

Epistemology is one of the oldest, yet still one of the most active, areas of philosophical research today. There currently exists many annotated tomes of primary sources, and a handful of single-authored introductions to the field, but there is no book that captures epistemology's dynamic growth and lively debates for a student audience. In this volume, eight leading philosophers debate four topics central to recent research in epistemology: The A Priori: C. S. I. Jenkins and Michael Devitt The A Posteriori: Richard Fumerton and Nicholas Silins The Regress of Justification: Declan Smithies and Peter Klein Skepticism: Anthony Brueckner and Ernest Sosa Ram Neta's introduction to the volume, descriptions of each chapter, annotated bibliographies for each controversy, and supplemental guide to further controversies in epistemology (with bibliographies) help provide clearer and richer views of active controversies for all readers.


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