Handbook of Human Resource Development.pdf

Handbook of Human Resource Development.pdf


The handbook features 42 chapters authored/co-authored by 62 authoritative academic and scholar-practitioners (chapter summaries and contributor bios are available): 1. HRD - The Profession and the Discipline - Neal Chalofsky"2. Foundations of the discipline of HRD Psychology/Organizational behavior - Tom Reio & Laura BatistaSociology/Systems Theory - Ron JacobsAdult learning - Victoria Marsick & Karen WatkinsManagement & Leadership - Marshall SashkinAnthropology/Org. Culture - Maria Plakhotnik Economics - Jasper van Loo 3. Issues & Perspectives on HRDShould we define HRD? - Monica LeeWhat does development mean? - Peter KuchinkeNational HRD - Gary McLeanStrategic HRD - Jerry Gilley & Anne Gilley4. Philosophy and Values of HRD Critical feminism - Laura Bierema & Maria CsehCritical HRD - Sally SambrookMorality and Ethics in HRD -Darlene Russ-EftSpirituality and Meaning in Work - John Dirxx"Expertise - Robin Grenier & Marie-Line GermainCorporate social responsibility - Tara Fenwick5. Managing the Workforce Aging issues - Jo Thijssen, Peter Leisink and Eva Knies Social inequities - Marilyn ByrdDisability - Tonette Rocco & Lorenzo BowmanSexual orientation - Julie Gedro & Jo TylerInternational and Multicultural HRD - Ahad Osman-GaniWork/life balance - Lane Morris & Heather McMillanCoaching and mentoring - Cynthia Roman & Bill Combs"Talent Management - "Wendy Rouna 6. Management and HRD Legal aspects of HRD - Alan Clardy HRD Policy - Joshua HawleyCareer development - Kimberly McDonaldHRD in small firms - Ciara Nolan & Thomas GaravanCompetence - Iris Berdrow & Frederick T. Evers "Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning - Doo Hun Lim, Jihoon Sung & Seung Won Yoon Transfer of Learning - Reid Bates, Ed Holton, & JP Hatala7. Innovative Applications Action learning - Mike MarquardtVirtual HRD - Elisabeth Bennett & Rochell McWhorterStrategic Thinking - Lyle YorkThe HRD Cube: A sense-making mechanism for framing HRD issues -Sue Lynham & Yvonna LincolnEngagement - Brad Shuck, Kim Nimon, & Drea ZigarmiEQ - Fred Nakukho & Machuma A. H. Muyia8. Future Directions Certification of HRD Professionals - Vijay KrishnaStandards and Accreditation of HRD academic programs - Larry DooleyFuture Directions - Martin Kormanik "


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