Groundswell: The Case for Fracking.pdf

Groundswell: The Case for Fracking.pdf


Praise for Ethical Oil:

 • "Ever provocative and controversial, Levant provides an alternative perspective on the development of Canada's oil sands. . . . Levant tackles a global issue that has an overwhelming impact on Canada and its place in the world." - National Business Book Award citation
 • "[Ethical Oil] has clearly had a huge impact on the debate." - Calgary Herald

Ezra Levant is a lawyer, journalist, and political activist, and a talk host for SUN TV. He is the author of The Enemy Within: Terror, Lies, and the Whitewashing of Omar Khadr, Shakedown: How Our Government Is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights, which won the Writers' Trust and Samara's Best Canadian Political Book of the Last 25 Years, and Ethical Oil, winner of the National Business Book Award. He lives in Toronto. The author lives in Toronto.


From the bestselling author of Ethical Oil comes a provocative exploration of the shale gas rush. Levant explains what fracking is and explores what its enemies do not want you to know and why it has the potential to change our future.

In Groundswell, Ezra Levant examines the fracking revolution. Fracking (from "fracturing") involves injecting millions of gallons of water mixed with sand and chemicals into a well deep underground to fracture shale rock and release previously inaccessible reserves of oil and gas. The United States, Canada, North Africa, and the Middle East have vast reserves of shale gas and accessing it will mean a seismic shift in energy geopolitics. With natural gas in abundance, prices fall and the stranglehold by energy companies like Russia's Gazprom loosens. OPEC, environmentalists, and communities throughout North America are fighting hard to stop fracking, and Levant debunks their motivations and arguments, while arguing that fracking's benefits outweigh its costs, even environmentally. With Ethical Oil, Levant completely changed the debate surrounding Canada's oil sands. In this timely and controversial book he provides desperately needed perspective on a subject of growing global importance.


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