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Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide.pdf


Reference book, text book, check list for green practitioners, professors and inspiring reading for the rest of us. Perhaps the most comprehensive book written on the subject. -Harith Wickrema, Temple University, USA Meegan has written an excellent tutorial on sustainable event management. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, the book has great case studies, top tips and best practices stories that will help organisers to accelerate their journey towards more ethical, responsible and effective events. -Guy Bigwood, MCI Group Sustainability Director, Spain Meegan Jones has captured her vast experience in sustainability and event planning - domestically and internationally. She has also contributed to international technical committees responsible for the development new standards for sustainable event management systems and sustainable event reporting. She travels the world, collaborates with many, finds practical solutions and brings her humour to colleagues and clients embarking on this work. Meegan brings her passion for sustainability along with her savvy and curiosity to this book. It is a timely and valuable reference for the event sector - worldwide. -Ann Duffy, President, The Ann Duffy Group; former Chief Sustainability Officer, Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Canada Anyone seeking a mentor to help understand the impact of events and how they can be made better through sustainable approaches will benefit from this book. It translates complex sustainability issues into easy-to-understand language for event professionals. It gives honest perspective on what to focus on to help you make realistic action plans and day-to-day decisions, even when resources might be limited. And the generous peppering of interesting international case studies, sprinkled with a bit of humour, gives life to learning! -Shawna McKinley, Director of Sustainability, MeetGreen(R), USAWhilst large scale events such as festivals entertain many people, they can attract criticism for being spectacles seeking profit without concern for the planet. 'Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide' avoids overly technical jargon and offers an easy to follow check list for any sustainability minded festival organiser. This excellent book not only offers a straightforward structure to dip into and consider issues such as minimising waste or reducing the impact of travel but also gives a nod in the direction of important issues such as sustainable event standards and how to influence audience behaviour in a sustainable direction. -Stephen Henderson, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK This book is the one-stop-shop for those wanting to delve into the big world of sustainable event management - clear, detailed and based on real experience of the industry. -Chris Johnson, Co-Founder and Director, Shambala Festival; Chair, Powerful Thinking; Associate for Festivals and Events, Julies Bicycle, UK It could be said that putting on an event is inherently unsustainable - and in many respects it is. However, with the right knowledge, framework and tools you can gain significant efficiencies and cost savings from a sustainable approach as well as having an unrivalled platform to demonstrate leadership and communicate sustainability to a new audience. Whilst the topic of sustainability is still a relatively new concept for the events sector the industry has continued to make great strides in this area by exploiting opportunities in what is still a very demanding market. In the 4 years since the last edition of Meegan's book a number of standards and guidelines have emerged and considerable lessons have been learned by industry 'early adopters'. Meegan captures the progress that has been made perfectly! Whether you're new to this game or consider yourself an old hand this is the only practical and accessible book out there that covers technical subject matter and new 'ways of working' of relevance to event sustainability all in one place. -Phil Cumming, Group Sustainability Manager - Net Positive Strategy, Kingfisher plc;former Corporate Sustainability Manager, London 2012 Organising Committee, UK Sustainable event management is a complex subject involving different skills, technologies and behaviours. This book provides a comprehensive overview of these complexities, with clear guidance on how to address them to make events more sustainable. It goes into detail about the practical measures that can be taken, using case study examples from many different events. In particular, it provides guidance on how to achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions and clearly explains the opportunities of reducing electricity related emissions from generators. Overall, it is a very good read and I believe that is will help professionals improve the sustainability of the events industry for many years to come. -Professor Paul Fleming, De Montfort University, UK Let's be honest about it. Meegan's book was already the reference piece for the whole scene. So many people were inspired by and guidelines based on her great work and it is even better to see that the new edition brings it to another level. Newbies can learn about the principles of sustainability and its quadruple-bottom-line management. Advanced people can adjust their operations according to the great help offered in this book and professionals can sneak a peek at events, initiatives and projects worldwide that are show-cased in so many examples concerning all sorts of action areas. What makes it even more worthwhile are those looks over the edge of events organization and on general principles and definitions that help us understand how sustainability is to be implemented in our society and should be in our businesses as well. There is still a long way to go and development to be achieved in the events industry to become more and more sustainable. I am sure that Meegan contributed massively to the filling of the gap - again! With this remarkable piece of advice in your hands there simply is no way saying "I don't know how to do it". -Holger Jan Schmidt, GO Group & GreenEvents Europe, Germany Praise for first edition: One of the most important books written on event management ... a must have for organisers of events everywhere. -Matt Grant, Festival & Creative Director, Peats Ridge 2009, Australia A well researched and neatly designed guide ... Bringing these concerns into one practical guide is a natural development of this trend to become more sustainable in business while being environmentally responsible and sustainable, and here, Meegan Jones has done great work ... the standard set here is the highest I've seen in print. -David Jobling, Finally, a book that gathers all the knowledge about running a sustainable event and presents it in one easy to understand, well thought out format. Possibly one of the most important books written on event management this decade, and a must have for organisers of events everywhere. -Matt Grant, Festival & Creative Director, Peats Ridge 2009, Australia This truly practical guide offers easy to understand education and achievable initiatives to any industry practitioner looking for solutions where little has been previously documented or available. -Jane Fullerton-Smith, Director, Sustainable Event Solutions I had already been committed to bringing about a change in the perception of festival-goers towards their impact upon the environment, but Meegan successfully made that change happen...this book explains in a wonderful explanatory manner how every event can move towards our common goal -- sustainability! -Melvin Benn, Director, Festival Republic The most authoritative, meticulous and informed book on sustainability in the events sector. Meegan Jones has more experience in this field than perhaps anyone else in the world and this is evidenced on every page. Thoughtfully and logically laid out this is an indispensable guide to reducing environmental impacts and positioning festivals as trail blazers in sustainable living. -Alison Tickell, Director, Julie's Bicycle Sustainable Event Managament is a 'must' acquisition for any professional business or general library strong in events planning. It covers all the basics of how to hold a 'sustainable' event, whether it be a festival or gathering, and offers event planners and students a step-by-step guide to staging and managing the impacts of all kinds of events. From transport to water safety issues, this covers it all! -Midwest Book Review, The Bookwatch, July 2010. Sustainable Event a well researched and neatly designed guide to making your festival or large event the most environmentally friendly, leaving the least possible carbon footprint; making it a very timely book that will go a long way assisting those who are seeking to manage events, work in Community Development and apply necesarily thoughtful values and procedures in the process -David Jobling, Pop Meegan Jones has done great work...I think it is brilliant and if I were trying to organise a huge event I would want it around to provide me with some of the wisdom it contains... I think it is a great practical guide to sustainable event management; an extremely useful book for students who would find it helpful in providing guidelines to sporting events, battle of the band events, music festivals and even school camps. Seriously, the standard set here is the highest I've seen in print -David Jobling, Pop I fully support this text and recommend it for purchase. I would rate this text as the best I have read on this topic to date and comment it to organisers, academics and regulators alike -Dr Andrew Mathieson, Reviews - A Guide to Publications in the Physical Sciences this gem of a book... reveals its true brilliance after a close examination of each chapter's take on a facet of environmental sustainability. -Qualityworld Magazine This is an indispensible guide for organisers that want to deliver events sustainably. -Connections: the Newsletter for ICLEI European members

Meegan Jones is an event professional, trainer, consultant and writer focusing her work developing sustainable management solutions for live events.

1. Sustainability and Events 2. Engagement and Communications 3. Identify Issues 4. Destination and Venue 5. Energy 6. Transport 7. Purchasing and Resource Use 8. Greenhouse Gas Emissions 9. Waste 10. Water 11. Standards and Certifications 12. Legacy

Gatherings of people for a purpose always have and always will be a part of the human story. Those staging these events have a social and environmental responsibility to manage their impacts and enhance potential their positive lasting legacies. Written by a leader in the field, this book is a practical, step-by-step guide taking readers through the key aspects of how to identify, evaluate and manage event sustainability issues and impacts - for events of any style and scale, anywhere in the world. The product of tried-and-tested methods, coverage includes numerous examples and case studies from across the world, such as Boom (Portugal), Bonnaroo (USA), Hurricane (Germany), and Glastonbury (UK) Festivals. Readers are provided with checklists for action and tools for measuring performance. This updated second edition includes a detailed review of the new international standard ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems along with other recent standards and certifications. It expands detail on measuring and reporting event sustainability performance outcomes with explanation of the Global Reporting Initiative Event Organizers Sector Supplement performance indicators. This is the indispensable one-stop guide for event professionals and event management students who want to adjust their thinking and planning decisions towards sustainability, and who need a powerful, easy to use collection of tools to deliver events sustainably.


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