Writing Behind Every Door: Teaching Common Core Writing in the Subject Areas.pdf

Writing Behind Every Door: Teaching Common Core Writing in the Subject Areas.pdf


Introduction Chapter 1: The Common Core Standards as a Meaningful Guide, Not an Instruction Manual Chapter 2: Argument: The Universal Writing Genre Chapter 3: Informational: It's All Around Us Chapter 4: Narrative: There's a Place For it in All Disciplines Chapter 5: Summary: Get to the Point! The Underrated Writing Genre Chapter 6: The Multi-Genre Genre Chapter 7: Techniques to Teach Writing That Works Chapter 8: Writing with Technology for the Common Core Chapter 9: 21st Century PD in Writing for Every Teacher

For students to become college-ready writers, they must be exposed to writing throughout the school day, not just in English class. This practical book shows teachers in all subject areas how to meet the Common Core State Standards and make writing come alive in the classroom. Award-winning educator Heather Wolpert-Gawron provides effective and exciting ideas for teaching argument writing, informational writing, project-based writing, and writing with technology. Each chapter is filled with strategies, prompts, and rubrics you can use immediately. Special Features: A variety of writing strategies that work in any subject area Tips for developing meaningful prompts Diagrams and templates that you can use with your students Rubrics for assessing writing, as well as ideas for having students create their own rubrics Samples of student work in different formats Ideas for teaching students to break the Google homepage habit and conduct effective research Cross-curricular writing assignments for science, history, ELA, electives, and PE Suggestions for teaching summary writing, an essential academic skill Ideas for staff professional development on Common Core writing


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