Successful Middle Leadership in Secondary Schools: A Practical Guide to Subject and Team Effectiveness.pdf

Successful Middle Leadership in Secondary Schools: A Practical Guide to Subject and Team Effectiveness.pdf


Peter Fleming is Lead Adviser for School Leadership and Workforce Development at North Yorkshire County Council. He has previously taught in both secondary schools and Higher Education and was Head of Teacher Training at York St John University.

Chapter 1 Introduction: Defining Middle Leadership Chapter 2 Where Are You Now? Some Thoughts on Culture Chapter 3 First Things First: Understanding How Your Behaviour Impacts on Others Chapter 4 Becoming More Subtle: Understanding Different Leadership Styles and When to Use Them Chapter 5 The Difficult Stuff: Monitoring and Developing the Performance of Others Chapter 6 Working Together: Building Your Team Chapter 7 Case Study on Team Building and Deployment written by a current middle leader* Chapter 8 Clarity and Focus: Getting Your Communication Right Chapter 9 Building Your Vision and Planning to Achieve It Chapter 10 Case Study on Developing a Vision written by a current middle leader* Chapter 11 Improving Attainment by Leading Learning Chapter 12 Case Study on Raising Attainment written by a current middle leader Chapter 13 Looking After Yourself: Time Management and Stress Management

With so much now expected of middle leaders in schools, this book aims to help those in middle leadership positions to become more confident and effective in their roles. It systematically considers every aspect of the role including team building, raising standards, holding others to account and managing change. With a wealth of practical guidance, the book covers the essential skills needed by middle leaders such as managing meetings, conducting difficult conversations and development planning while also offering insights into why some middle leaders are so much more effective than others. Covering all aspects of middle leadership, features include: an analysis of different leadership styles case studies written by current middle leaders in schools reflection and action points throughout This book is essential reading for secondary school teachers who are about to become middle leaders and need guidance on how to get to grips with the role. It will also be of value to existing middle leaders who want to improve their performance and effectiveness.


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