Don't Ever Look Back: A Mystery.pdf

Don't Ever Look Back: A Mystery.pdf


DANIEL FRIEDMAN is a graduate of the University of Maryland and NYU School of Law. He lives in New York City. " Don't Ever Get Old" was recently nominated for a Thriller Award for Best First Novel.

Twenty something Daniel Friedman's debut hit novel, "Don't Ever Get Old, "was a huge critical and word-of-mouth success. Friedman's unforgettable protagonist Buck Schatz is back, and, once again, this 88-year-old retired Memphis cop refuses to go gently into that good night. Having sustained injuries in "Don't Ever Get Old, "Buck is living at a retirement home with his wife, and he's downright miserable being treated like the elderly person he is. But soon, Elijah, a man from his past, pays Buck a visit. Elijah offers Buck a tidy sum to do him a favor, and Buck is eager to close the book on a series of robberies that he could never solve. Soon, things go downhill. Way downhill. Written in Buck's signature voice and featuring a mystery that will knock your socks off, "Don't Ever Look Back "is another home run by an author with a long and star-studded career ahead of him.


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