Virtualizing SQL Server 2012 with VMware: Doing IT Right.pdf

Virtualizing SQL Server 2012 with VMware: Doing IT Right.pdf


1. Virtualization: The New World Order 2. Why Customers Are Virtualizing Databases 3. Architecting for Performance: The Right Hypervisor 4. Virtualizing SQL Server 2012. Doing It Right 5. Architecting for Performance: Design 6. Architecting for Performance: Storage 7. Architecting for Performance: Memory 8. Architecting for Performance: Network 9. SQL Server 2012 Availability Groups 10. How to Baseline Your Physical System

For enterprises seeking to drive maximum value out of their IT infrastructures, the next frontier in virtualization is mission-critical applications - especially databases. But squeezing maximum performance out of a virtualized database instance is an art as much as a science. This indispensable start-to-finish guide brings together all the techniques, tips, and insights you'll need. Drawing on their unsurpassed personal experience, pioneering experts Michael Corey and Jeff Szastak share comprehensive best practices, tips, and insights for deploying mission critical database servers in virtualized vSphere 5 environments. Virtualizing SQL Server 2012 with VMware guides you through the entire project and database lifecycle, including: * Migrating existing SQL Server databases onto a vSphere platform * Baselining your physical system and properly determining resource requirements for a virtualized implementation * Architecting design, storage, memory, and networking for superior performance * Choosing the right hypervisor * Leveraging SQL Server 2012 Availability Groups * Managing and monitoring virtualized database instances and resources


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