The Goblin's Gift: Tales of Fayt, Book 2.pdf

The Goblin's Gift: Tales of Fayt, Book 2.pdf


"With adventure, emotion and one heck of a plot, any kid (or adult) will struggle to put it down!" Readaraptor "Hugely entertaining, this second book has certainly built upon the magical setting from the first...a superbly written magical fantasy that is up there with the best. It has barrel loads of imagination, action galore, and a huge dollop of mayhem and mischief." Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books "Joseph and Tabitha are resourceful and brave characters that the reader can easily identify with and like, thus making The Goblin's Gift an enjoyable and exciting read." Inis Magazine "even more action packed that its predecessor The Demon's Watch" The Book Plank

Conrad Mason was born in 1984. He studied Classics at Cambridge University, and now works in London as an Editor of children's fiction.

Joseph Grubb is the newest member of the Demon's Watch. He and his fellow watchmen protect Port Fayt, where humans live in peace alongside trolls, elves and fairies. And now the town needs them more than ever, because the almighty League of the Light has sent an armada to wipe it off the map. Fayt's only hope is to persuade the magical merfolk to fight with them. But the merfolk won't go to war. Not unless their princess is returned to them from the clutches of the most dangerous nine-year-old in the Ebony Ocean. It's up to Joseph and his friend Tabitha to rescue the mermaid princess...But a secret from Joseph's past is about to change everything.


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