Mayo Clinic Guide to Fertility and Conception.pdf

Mayo Clinic Guide to Fertility and Conception.pdf


          Mayo Clinic is a world-class medical institution, renowned for its research and treatment expertise. Mayo Clinic is highly ranked for quality more often than any other academic medical center in the United States. In this book, Mayo Clinic’s team of fertility experts draws on its extensive research and treatment experience.

            The Mayo Clinic Guide to Fertility and Conception offers premiere medical knowledge and advice for couples trying to have a baby. The book presents available options in detail. More than that, it gives solid information about which approaches may be most suitable for which couples. The language is accessible; the tone, one of companionship. Full-color throughout, with numerous diagrams, photos, and case studies.

            What options does a couple have when they’ve been trying to conceive a child, but so far haven’t had a baby?

            The Mayo Clinic Guide to Fertility and Conception offers premiere medical knowledge, as well as advice about what to try when. Mayo Clinic has brought a team of physicians to the subject, whose specialties range from the physical to the emotional aspects of the subject. They address readers with humanity, care, and empathy.

Tone and Emphasis

            The book presents in detail the options that are available. But more than that, it helps a couple sort out what methods they should consider based on what is right for them, rather than highlighting only those approaches with the greatest success rates or the most reasonable costs.
Subjects Covered

            The Guide includes these chapters:

            • Preparing your body for pregnancy

            • Adjusting your lifestyle

            • Eating to conceive

            • Producing healthy sperm

            • Tips for increased success

            • The effect of age on pregnancy

            • Who to see when you need some help

            • Reproductive assistance

            • Managing stress and anxiety

            •Third-party reproduction
Timelines and Special Features

            As many women and men wait longer to start families, fertility and conception are of high and increasing interest. The Mayo Clinic fertility experts recognize the desperation so many couples experience and offer resources for dealing with that.

            In addition to including reliable and the most current medical information, the book includes stories of those who’ve struggled with infertility.  It addresses Frequently Asked Questions. Beside medical options, it offers alternative approaches, openly giving the pros and cons of each.

What Sets This Book Apart?

            It offers world-class medical information in accessible language with a tone of companionship. It offers gentle advice by discussing which approaches may be most suitable for which couples. And it suggests the order in which couples might want to try various methods if they’re not immediately successful.

            Full-color throughout, with numerous diagrams and photos.


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