Stand Up Straight and Sing!.pdf

Stand Up Straight and Sing!.pdf


This is an amazing voice, a catalogue of all that is virtuous in singing." -- The New York Times 

"The immensity of her voice struck like a thunderbolt…It was like an eruption of primal power." -- The Jerusalem Post

Jessye Norman is not only one of the world’s most admired and beloved opera stars—she is an American icon whose life story is as moving and inspiring as the fictional plot triumphs she sang onstage.

Born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, a descendant of many generations of hardworking slave and free ancestors, she grew up amid the challenges of Jim Crow racism with the civil rights movement just beginning to awaken. Nurtured by a close family and tight-knit community centered on the local church, Jessye sang songs and spirituals constantly, never dreaming that it might lead to a career. Only when she watched a documentary about the legendary Marian Anderson did she first realize that singing could be a profession. Decades later, after a meteoric rise at the Berlin Opera, a long-delayed debut at the Metropolitan Opera, and forays into spirituals, blues, jazz, and other roots music, she has become one of America’s cultural treasures. Stand Up Straight and Sing! is an inspiring woman’s account of an astonishing life.


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