Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders [2 Volumes]: An Encyclopedia.pdf

Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders [2 Volumes]: An Encyclopedia.pdf


Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Encyclopedia provides a well-organized, up-to-date A-Z encyclopedia on this disorder that is accessible to students and general readers without extensive knowledge about autism or a medical background. The contributors to the work go beyond presenting purely medical knowledge to also address the historical, societal, and cultural aspects of the disorder. The entries define terminology, explain complex issues, and include answers to the most common questions in autism, such as "What is the distinction between autism and Asperger disorder?" They address the most significant controversies within the scientific and lay autism community, including vaccines as potential contributors to the development of autism, and the efficacy of novel medical treatments or diet modification. This work will benefit to potential students of various disciplines including medicine, psychology, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and education, as well as anyone with personal experience with the syndrome. As such, it is a valuable reference for users of high school, public, community, and college libraries.


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