Volkswagen Bay Transporter Restoration Manual.pdf

Volkswagen Bay Transporter Restoration Manual.pdf


Fletcher Gillett runs a small business repairing and restoring VW Transporters and other vehicles, with bodywork and structural repairs a speciality. He has contributed magazine articles and maintains a presence on VW forums where fellow enthusiasts can follow his restoration work.

Buying a suitable project van - what to look for and what to avoid, originality and paperwork. Planning a project - working space, timescales, tools, safety considerations. Strip-down and refit - removing and refitting panels and trim covered in a single chapter for easy reference. Specific chapters on structural repairs to chassis and underside, middle section, front end, front arches/steps and cab floors, rear arches, rear end and roof (including camper roofs). Bodywork - panel repair, trim, windows and seals, preparation, paint options and painting. Interior - removing/repairing interior, electrics (including adding a split-charge relay and mains hook-up). Mechanical - engine removal and refitting, carb rebuild, exhaust/heat exchangers, tinware refurbishment; overhaul of front beam, ball joints, bearings, brakes, steering box, CV joints, lowering (and un-lowering!), fuel tank, fuel sender and fuel lines.

Even the rustiest examples of Volkswagen's second-generation 'Bay' Transporter fetch solid money and imports from drier climes continue to appear on British roads, so the case for restoring one of these hugely popular vehicles is increasingly attractive. Using the trusted Haynes practical approach, this all-colour manual follows the restoration of a 1971 Panel van and a 1979 Devon camper from beginning to end. Featuring hundreds of photographs and helpful diagrams where necessary, this is the only guide to restoring (or part-restoring) a 'Bay' you will ever need.


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