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The People of Forever are not Afraid.pdf


"Extraordinary. The People of Forever is a modern anthem for doomed youth, a brilliant anatomisation of the yearning for normality in a situation that renders it impossible... Read this book" -- Rebecca Abrams Financial Times "A memorably bold novel... Somewhere between the sardonic humour of Etgar Keret and the epic storytelling of David Grossman, Boianjiu has created a brave, beautiful, political literature that is entirely her own" -- Catherine Taylor Sunday Telegraph "This unflinching debut novel depicts with depth and acuity the disorientating effects of fear on young minds... The girls are often lost for words, but the author successfully finds a voice to express the dehumanising horror of warfare in this fragmented plot held together with a passionate, poetic eloquence" -- Anita Sethi Observer "[Boianjiu's] voice is distinct. It's confident, raw, amusing - a lot like her women" New York Times "Remarkable.The People of Forever Are Not Afraid is a fierce and beautiful portrait of the damage done by war" The Washington Post

Shani Boianjiu was born in 1987 in Jerusalem, and she served in the Israeli Defense Forces for two years. Her fiction has been published in Vice magazine, Zoetrope and the New Yorker. Shani is the youngest recipient ever of the US National Book Foundation's 5 under 35 Award. She lives in Israel. This is her first novel.

Lea, Avishag and Yael are school friends in a small town in northern Israel. During dull lessons they play the game Exquisite Corpse and daydream about the boys they fancy. When they hit eighteen they are conscripted into the army. Stuck on checkpoint duty with fellow soldiers she hates, Lea relieves her boredom by creating an imaginary family life for a dishevelled Palestinian man that passes every day; Yael takes to sleeping with a boy she is training, in between breaking up and getting back together with her boyfriend at home; and Avishag's days are spent guarding the Egyptian border, catching smugglers and watching Sudanese refugees throw themselves on the barbed wire fence. They wait in the dust for something to happen, caught in that single, intense second before danger erupts. It is shortlisted for The Jewish Quarterly Wingate Prize.


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