Implementing Standardized Work: Process Improvement.pdf

Implementing Standardized Work: Process Improvement.pdf


Alain Patchong is the director of assembly, master expert, for Faurecia Automotive Seating Technical Center in Paris, France. He has extensive experience in conducting change in hostile industrial environment, in performance assessment and improvement using lean tools and principles, Industrial Engineering, lean training and coaching in industry as well as in academia. He is also has experience and knowledge of manufacturing systems engineering: modeling, analysis, design, simulation and analytic methods, and high profile initiatives on organization's product and operation restructuring.

Introduction A Strange Day in a New Plant: The "Beheaded Chicken" Training Day The Hidden Cost of Human Variability Operator Variability and Performance How Do I Measure Operators' Performance? The Mode Ratio A-Rank, B-Rank, C-Rank and D-Rank Operators The Hidden Treasure Initial Operator Performance Mapping (OPM) Standardized Work Deployment Steps Epilogue: The Quest for Mode

This book, the fourth in a series dedicated to Standardized Work, focuses on process improvement. It begins by explaining that standardization and improvement are the two faces of the same coin. They both need each other to be sustainable. The book presents powerful yet simple, quick and zero-CAPEX methods for process improvement that are based on intensive and structured observation for uncovering simple and quick actions. Numerous examples, charts, and drawings are used to convey the knowledge effectively.


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