Divided Lives: Dreams of a Mother and a Daughter.pdf

Divided Lives: Dreams of a Mother and a Daughter.pdf


Lyndall Gordon is the prizewinning author of biographies including Charlotte Bronte, Virginia Woolf, Shared Lives and Mary Wollstonecraft. Born and raised in South Africa, Lyndall is a fellow of St Hilda's College, Oxford.

Lyndall Gordon grew up in South Africa and left her mother and her home to live in America and Britain. Yet the pull of their earlier intense years constantly drew her back. Says Lyndall Gordon: 'A daughter, in childhood, is called on to be a secret sharer of her mother's illness and creativity. Here are kin who are alike as dreamers, whose dreams will take them different ways: the mother as visionary, the daughter exploring the question of how to be a woman. Though their lives divide, kinship endures.' This wonderfully layered memoir is a moving and universal story about the expectations of love and duty between mother and daughter.


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