Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia.pdf

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia.pdf


Given the number and scope of environmental problems we face today, everyone from high school students to policy makers to concerned citizens should understand how the economy works and grasp how meltdowns-both economic and environmental in nature-can be avoided. Economics and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia offers the critical information needed to comprehend these complex issues. The entries covers topics in a manner parallel to how environmental economics is commonly taught, covering basic concepts, environmental policy, natural resource economics, market failure, exhaustible and renewable resources, benefit-cost analysis, and applied welfare economics. Additionally, the book includes entries on key concepts of economics, movements, events, organizations, important individuals, and research areas relevant to the study of environmental and resource economics. This work stands alone as the only title currently offering such a breadth of coverage and level of detail written specifically for readers without specialized knowledge of environmental economics.


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