ENT and Ophthalmology.pdf

ENT and Ophthalmology.pdf


1. Assessing patients with ear, nose and throat problems in primary care; 2. Diagnosis and management of ENT problems in the community; 3. Assessing patients with eye problems in primary care; 4. Diagnosis and management of eye problems in the community; 5. The eye and systemic disease; 6. Benefits and support available for people with ENT and eye problems and their carers; 7. The GMS contract, ENT and eye problems; 8. Useful information and contacts for GPs and patients

ENT and Ophthalmology is just one of the titles from the Oxford General Practice Library. This unique series of pocketbooks provides GPs with comprehensive coverage of specific topics in general practice which are linked directly to the requirements of the new GP Contract, and explains how GPs can maximize their salaries. For each book in this groundbreaking series, the authors have expanded on a major section from the bestselling Oxford Handbook of General Practice , adding a host of useful features.


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