I Want to Marry You But ...: A Marriage Guide for the Young Adult.pdf

I Want to Marry You But ...: A Marriage Guide for the Young Adult.pdf


Cohabitation; Prenuptial Agreements and Enforceability; Valid Marriage; Pre-Marital Disclosure; Marriage License; Solemnization; Registration; Marriage Ceremony; Legal Rights after Marriage; Equality for Women in Marriage; Financial Obligations during Marriage; Property Rights for Husband and Wife; Abortions; Adoption; Illegitimate Children; Counselling; Grounds for Divorce; Divorce Hearings; Custody of Children in Divorce; Division of Matrimonial Assets; Maintenance of Wife in Divorce.

Lawyers may have a tendency to treat marriage as a strict legal agreement between two parties with certain legal rules and terms that must be followed. Though in some ways akin to a contract, the institution of marriage goes far beyond contractual obligations. It encompasses social, financial, and emotional bonds between both parties. The law may seem daunting for many non-legally trained individuals. This unique book provides an insight into the impact the law will have on him or her. It simplifies the labyrinth of legislation and case law to allay fears, encourage an understanding of what marriage entails, and flag out possible difficulties the reader may face during the course of his or her relationship. The guide will also showcase the rights and responsibilities that result from a marriage.


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