Toxins and Biologically Active Compounds from Microalgae: Vol. 1.pdf

Toxins and Biologically Active Compounds from Microalgae: Vol. 1.pdf


Toxic microalgae and cyanobacteria Harmful algae and their toxins: progress, paradoxes and paradigm shifts Micro-algal and cyanobacterial producers of biotoxins Detection and identification of toxic microalgae by the use of innovative molecular methodologies Factors affecting algal toxicity Microalgal toxins: chemistry and detection Chemistry and detection of okadaic acid/dinophysistoxins, pectenotoxins and yessotoxins Chemistry of brevetoxins The chemistry of ciguatoxins: from the first records to current challenges of monitoring programs Palytoxins: chemistry and detection Chemistry and detection of domoic acid and isomers Current knowledge of paralytic shellfish toxin biosynthesis, molecular detection and evolution Current understanding and hypotheses on the biosynthesis of microalgal polyether toxins Total synthesis of marine polycyclic ether natural products Instrumental methods for determination of marine microalgal toxins Biological assays for toxin detection: characteristics, potential and critical issues Marine toxin detection methods in regulation-from validation to implementation

This book provides a structured account of the existing knowledge of toxic algae, the chemistry of the toxins they produce, the effects these substances exert in humans and wildlife, as well as the strategies envisaged to protect public health and the environment. It covers recent advances in the understanding of the biology of toxin producers and the factors involved in the appearance and dynamics of harmful algae blooms, the factors affecting toxin production, the synthesis of toxins both in natural producers and by chemical means in a lab, and the toxin groups posing continuing and novel hazards to living systems.


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