How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CC: The Art of Design and Animation.pdf

How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CC: The Art of Design and Animation.pdf


Chris Georgenes is a full-time freelance artist, animator, and all-around designer for the web, CD-ROM, and television. His clients include Macromedia, LucasArts, Universal Records, Hasbro, Ogilvy, Yahoo! and AOL, to name a few. He maintains as his online portfolio and as his Flash tutorial website. He is also a course author and instructor for

Chapter 1: What's new in CC Chapter 2: Design Styles Chapter 3: Transformation and Distortion Chapter 4: Masking Chapter 5: Motion Techniques Chapter 6: Character Animation Chapter 7: Animation Examples Chapter 8: Working with Sound Chapter 9: Working with Video Chapter 10: Interactivity Chapter 11: Extending Flash

Whether you are creating an animated short, catchy and fun mobile game, or an innovative application, save time and money with expert cheats by renowned Flash Expert, Chris Georgenes with all new content for the Adobe Flash Creative Cloud revision. Solve problems quickly and develop creative projects, practical applications, and step-by-step tutorials. Chris Georgenes shows you how to work from the problem to the solution - from the viewpoint of an animator who has been commissioned to create a job and is working on a deadline and to a budget. Many of these walkthroughs are real-world client projects, with the source files supplied for you to open and explore. With these real-life professional projects you'll discover how to: center your stage, utilize the retina display support, navigate the new UI, learn how to develop interactive content, and how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud to your advantage. Put the Adobe Flash CC cheats to the test with the downloadable Flash source files, examples and video tutorials, and a creative commons game, developed with Adobe, to demonstrate the new functionality of CC!


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