BookDNA漫画绘本书系—— 龙马斯帕克:解雇了! Sparky the Dragon-Horse: Fired Up!.pdf

BookDNA漫画绘本书系—— 龙马斯帕克:解雇了! Sparky the Dragon-Horse: Fired Up!.pdf


Sparky handles his flame with caution these days. He can blow four perfect smoke rings by now! But Sparky feels ... different ... He thinks he doesn’t belong in Horseshoe Forest! The tree friends, Sparky, Daisy and Benny, go looking for Sparky’s dad in the mountains. But little horses aren’t suposed to go strolling through the woods by themseles. Before they know it, the three of them are in big trouble! They are all alone in the mountains where leopards and dragons hide. Then it gets dark ... A massive shadow hides the sun ... “Call me Firestorm,” the dragon smiles.<br>“Your daddy is ... a dragon!” Meet Sparky. He looks like an ordinary horse. He does ordinary horse things and plays with his ordinary horse friends. But Sparky is no ordinary horse ... Oh no, Sparky is a dragon- horse! In Sparky the Dragon-Horse – Breathes Fire! Mommy Roset has some explaining to do. Come share in Sparky, Daisy and Benny’s adventures in Horseshoe Forest. And find out what makes dragon-horses so special!<br>Madeleen Theron (née: Smit) matriculated in 1983 and although it was her dream to study for a degree in the field of Creative Writing, or becoming a Primary school teacher, her career ultimately steered in another direction and for many years she pursued a vocation in the business world. But, true to herself and her calling, she never stopped writing and some of her poems were published in various Anthology of Verses. Her own volume of poetry; ‘In My Suitcase there is …,’ is ready for publishing. She decided to become a full-time writer in 2009 and ‘Sparky the Dragonhorse’, an illustrated series for young children, were born. She also does part-time transcribing and the compiling of books. Her next project is her own Christian novel named; ‘I Spoke to Eve.’


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