French Wine: An Illustrated Miscellany.pdf

French Wine: An Illustrated Miscellany.pdf


Bernard Pivot is a celebrated French television, radio, and newspaper journalist who has contributed to cultural programs for over thirty years.

This handsome volume pays homage to the humble grape's revered nectar. This truly exceptional miscellany of anecdotes, facts, quotable quotes, and interesting stories celebrates wine in all its guises: from the origin of the toast (to prevent being poisoned at a dinner, it was customary for guests to tip part of their drink into their companion's glass) to the exact number of references to wine in the Bible (441) to the debate over whether Dom Perignon discovered bubbles, effectively inventing champagne, or simply started the tradition of blending the grapes in the drink he described as "like drinking stars." With references to world-class vineyards and favored grape varieties, the author covers the topic in a fascinating pastiche. Through quotes illustrating how traditions persist, such as Napoleon's "You drink champagne in victory, and you need it in defeat," this exquisitely produced volume is the perfect gift for the wine aficionado or bon vivant.


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