There Goes Gravity: A Life in Rock and Roll.pdf

There Goes Gravity: A Life in Rock and Roll.pdf


Lisa Robinson is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, where she has produced the music issues and written many major profiles for the past fourteen years. Prior to that, she was a longtime music columnist for the New York Post, was syndicated by the New York Times Syndicate, and editor of several rock magazines. She lives in Manhattan.

From a legendary journalist with four decades of unprecedented access and untold stories, an insider’s behind-the-scenes look at the major personalities of rock and roll.
Lisa Robinson has interviewed everyone from John Lennon to Bono to Patti Smith, Eminem to Lady Gaga to Jay-Z and Kanye West. She’s talked nail polish with a twelve-year-old Michael Jackson, hosted The Clash at Studio 54, and introduced Lou Reed to David Bowie over filet mignon in a Manhattan restaurant. She helped Elvis Costello and The Clash get their record deals.  She had total access to the punk scene at CBGBs, was on a private plane with the Rolling Stones during a lightning storm and with Led Zeppelin when their tour manager pulled out a gun. Unlike any other journalist who covered this world, she was the only woman to break into this exclusive boys' club. The story of rock and roll for the last four decades is Lisa Robinson’s story. She has lived and breathed music – the sound, the scene, the personalities – and she shares her stories all together here for the first time.


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