Digger Dog.pdf

Digger Dog.pdf


William Bee was born in London, but now lives in the English countryside. As well as writing books, he races a vintage sports car, is an international skier, and when at home tends his lawns and meadow. He rarely leaves his tiny village, except for international skiing and vintage racing, but his daily walks lead to friendly encounters with the local wildlife. He knows the local weasels, grass snakes, moles, and hedgehogs, as well as the family of deer that lives in his yard.

Cecilia Johansson divides her time between her shared studio in arty Stockholm and her boyfriend’s small old cottage an hour outside the city, where the only neighbors are Mr. Elk and the Fox family. When not illustrating in her studio, she likes to play outdoors. She finds a lot of inspiration in nature and loves to go on long runs — she is training for her fifth marathon!

Digger Dog loves to dig up bones, the bigger the better. But for the biggest bone in the world, what will Digger Dog need? The biggest digger in the world, of course! All through the story, the diggers get bigger, the hole gets deeper, and there is a fantastic fold-out surprise at the end!


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