Arabiyyat al-Naas : An Advanced Course in Arabic.pdf

Arabiyyat al-Naas : An Advanced Course in Arabic.pdf


"This book, which takes the student from the Intermediate to the Advanced levels, is a bold and innovative presentation of the way Arabic is actually used by native speakers. It is thoughtfully presented by seasoned and passionate Arabic teachers." "Maher Awad, Senior Lecturer of Arabic, Certified ACTFL & ILR Tester, Rice University, US"

1. Arabic Minorities 2. Arab Americans 3. The Arabic Language 4. Thousand and One Nights 5. Education 6. Food and health 7. Sports 8. Religion 9. Love and Marriage 10. The Arab Woman 11. Arabic Poetry 12. Arab Dress 13. Economics and Money 14. Politics 15. Kalila wa Dimna 16. Palestine 17. Military Matters and War 18. The Environment

Arabiyyat al-Naas (Part Three): An Advanced Course in Arabic builds further on the rigorous and innovative approach to Arabic used in Parts I and II of the Arabiyyat al-Naas series. It covers both Modern Standard Arabic and the spoken Levantine variety used in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, reflecting authentic use of the language by educated native speakers. Features include: Thorough coverage of listening, speaking, writing and reading skills in every unit, with lessons structured to provide students with variety, stimulation and further opportunities for practice a wide range of reading passages including extracts from contemporary sources such as Al Jazeera, BBC Arabic and Dar al-Shorouk free companion website ( including audio tracks of the listening passages and songs in the textbook An extensive range of stimulating exercises and activities Attention to issues relevant to Arab society and culture Developed by an experienced and dynamic author team and tested over a number of years at Cornell University, Arabiyyat al Naas (Part Three) will be an essential resource for advanced-level students of Arabic. While primarily designed for classroom use, the accessibility of the course also renders it highly suitable for independent study. This volume is the final instalment of a pioneering three-part series of Arabic textbooks which together provide a complete three-year undergraduate language program


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