The Expedition to the Baobab Tree: A Novel.pdf

The Expedition to the Baobab Tree: A Novel.pdf


• "An astonishing achievement." --The Star (South Africa)

 • "A truly remarkable contribution, both for the lyrical quality of its prose and for its boldly imaginative theme." --World Literature Today

 • "Lyrical ... dramatic ... epic. Of the living, active poets in Afrikaans she is the greatest." --André Brink, author of Philida and A Dry White Season

 • "A compelling, richly textured fable." --Christopher Hope, author of Shooting Angels

 • "Let me immediately say that this book gripped me from the very first paragraph and I could not put it down till I closed it late last night, deeply moved, with the realization: Today I read a great work." --Audrey Blignault, South African Broadcasting Corporation

 • "A poignant reflection on death and the psyche of a human being." --Rapport

 • "An evocative historical novella." -- Breyten Breytenbach

Wilma Stockenström is one of the most important authors writing in Afrikaans. She has published 5 novels, 7 collections of poems, and one play. She received the Hertzog Prize for Poetry in 1977 and again in 1992. She was awarded Italy's Grinzane Cavour Prize in 1988 for The Expedition to the Baobab Tree. She has also had a successful career as an actress on stage and in film. She has been living in Cape Town since 1993. The author lives in Rapier, South Africa.

A stunning translation by Nobel Prize winner J. M. Coetzee of a masterful work of fiction by one of the greatest living writers in Afrikaans.


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