Remington Education: Pharmaceutics.pdf

Remington Education: Pharmaceutics.pdf


1. Dosage Form Design. 2. Characteristics of Solids. 3. Behavior of Colloids and Coarse Dispersions. 4. Determinants and Manipulation of Drug Solubility. 5. Chemical Kinetics, Drug Stability, and Management of Stability Problems. 6. Drug Travel From Dosage Form to Receptor. 7. Bioavailability, Bioequivalence, and the Biopharmaceutical Classification System. 8. Oral Liquids, Immediate-Release Tablets, and Capsules. 9. Modified-Release Tablets and Capsules. 10. Parenteral Drug Delivery. 11. Ocular Drug Delivery. 12. Gastrointestinal Drug Delivery. 13. Rectal and Vaginal Drug Delivery. 14. Nasal and Otic Drug Delivery. 15. Pulmonologic Drug Delivery. 16. Dermatologic Drug Delivery. 17. Transdermal Drug Delivery. 18. Targeted Drug Delivery

Remington Education: Pharmaceutics covers the basic principles of pharmaceutics, from dosage forms to drug delivery and targeting. It addresses all the principles covered in an introductory pharmacy course. As well as offering a summary of key information in pharmaceutics, it offers numerous case studies and MCQs for self assessment.


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