Reinventing Writing: The 9 Tools That are Changing Writing, Learning, and Living.pdf

Reinventing Writing: The 9 Tools That are Changing Writing, Learning, and Living.pdf


Prelude to a New Writing Attitude Part 1: Get to Know the New Writing Chapter 1: How Is Writing Reinvented? Chapter 2: Picking the Right Tool Part II: The 9 Types of Tools Chapter 3: Reinventing Paper: ePaper and eBooks Chapter 4: Reinventing Notetaking: Digital Notebooks Chapter 5: Reinventing Notecards: Social Bookmarking Chapter 6: Reinventing Word Processors: Cloud Writing Apps Chapter 7: Reinventing Journals and Book Reports: Blogging and Microblogging Chapter 8: Reinventing the Filing Cabinet and Inbox: Cloud Syncing Chapter 9: Reinventing Group Reports and Presentations: Wikis and Website Builders Chapter 10: Reinventing Brainstorming and Outlining: Graphic Organizers and Mind Mapping Chapter 11: Reinventing Illustrations and Scrapbooks: Cartoons and Infographics Part III: Practical Ways to Implement the Tools in the Classroom Chapter 12: Reinventing Citizenship: Preventing Problems by Teaching Students How to Be Good Citizens Chapter 13: Making Your Job Easier: Building Writing Communities Where Students Love to Learn Chapter 14: Start Quickly: 4 Simple Steps to Plan Your Classroom Writing Chapter 15: Will It Ever Stop? Enjoying and Relaxing in the New Age of Change with a Timeless Mindset Glossary

In this book from acclaimed teacher and blogger Vicki Davis, you'll learn how technology has transformed society's beliefs about writing and the way that writing is taught in the classroom. You will get step-by-step ideas for new ways to use technology to teach all aspects of writing, such as notetaking, word processing, brainstorming, collaborative writing, and more! The book is filled with practical tools, as well as information on how to choose the right tools for your students based on your school's computer policies and your own teaching needs.


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