The Digital Renaissance: Old Master Techniques for New Painting Software.pdf

The Digital Renaissance: Old Master Techniques for New Painting Software.pdf


Carlyn Beccia is a practicing digital artist, and awarding-winning author and illustrator of Who Put the B in the Ballyhoo?, The Raucous Royals, and I Feel Better with a Frog in my Throat. She also teaches digital painting to children and adults, and recently published Digital Painting for the Complete Beginner. She lives in Massachusetts with her family.

Introduction: 01: Michelangelo: Digital Fresco 02: Leonardo da Vinci: Sfumato 03: Caravaggio: Chiaroscuro 04: John Singer Sargent: Alla Prima 05: Mary Cassatt: Capturing Light 06: Paul Cezanne: Planes of Color 07: Pablo Picasso: Cubism 08: Georges Seurat: Pointilism 09: Gustav Klimt: Decorative Elements 10: George Stubbs: Folk Art Landscape 11: August Renoir: Impressionism 12: Frederic Remington: Textural Art 13: Georgia O'Keefe: Abstract Watercolor 14: Henri Matisse: Playing with Perspective 15: Arthur Rackham: Pen, Ink and Wash 16: Roy Lichtenstein: Digital Melodrama Glossary

The Digital Renaissance provides a unique and fascinating way of learning digital painting techniques. By looking at some key works by some of history's greatest artists it teaches readers to recreate old master painting techniques using digital tools. The book features 16 detailed tutorials, each beginning with an outline of a particular work by a well-known artist. Following a series of carefully devised steps, and with many helpful tips along the way, the reader is taught how to create their own modern masterpieces. With a solid foundation of fine art principles, this book is perfect for artists of all abilities who wish to learn new skills through the techniques of the old masters.


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