Effective Curriculum for Teaching ESL Writing and Language Building.pdf

Effective Curriculum for Teaching ESL Writing and Language Building.pdf


Eli Hinkel is Professor, Department of Anthropology and Director, Culture and Language Bridge Program, Seattle University.

Preface 1. Introduction: Effective Teaching and the Curriculum Part I Curriculum Design for L2 Writing and Language Building 2. What's Valued in Student Academic Writing 3. Second Language Writing and Language Learning 4. How to Design Effective Curricula for Writing Courses: Putting It All Together Part II Teaching the Elements of Curriculum 5. Principles of Language Building I: Teaching Academic Grammar 6. Principles of Language Building II: Teaching Academic Vocabulary, Collocations, and Pre-fabs 7. Teaching Students How to Edit Their Text: The Clean-up Phase 8. Teaching Effective Discourse Organization Skills: From Text to Discourse Part III Epilogue 9. An Overview of Principled Curriculum Designs References

Uniquely connecting curriculum, writing instruction, and language building, this text for pre-service and in-service teachers offers a step-by-step guide to curriculum design for teaching second language writing, with practical examples and illustrations. The central premise is that writing and language instruction need to be integrated, based on a clear understanding of the writing needs of academic writers, and that principled and language-focused curricula are necessary to guide this endeavor. Bringing together the what and the how-to of developing course curricula with research-based principles of effective teaching in L2 writing courses, what sets this book apart is its overarching focus on language pedagogy and language building. To enhance its usefulness as a course text, each chapter includes an outline of the main points covered; boxed highlights of the discussion and illustrative examples; practice activities and tasks; practical techniques and suggestions for curriculum design and teaching; summary points; and suggested further readings.


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