Amazing Agent Luna Vol. 10.pdf

Amazing Agent Luna Vol. 10.pdf


""An addictive storyline with some truly amazing artwork." ""--NEO """An altogether entertaining read." ""--NEWTYPE USA"

Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir are a husband and wife writing team who have worked in television on HBO's "Arli$$ "and Disney's "Kim Possible." As veteran comic book writers, they have written such series as "New Mutants "and "New X-Men, "and numerous manga and graphic novels. They live in Southern California.Shiei is the artist for "Aoi House and Avalon: the Warlock Diaries, " and the most prolific Original English Language manga artist in the US. Shiei resides in Southern California.

"Cleanly spaced visuals and an anime-ready sense of character design make this a fun and fast read." --"ANIME NEWS NETWORK"Grown in a lab from the finest genetic material, fifteen-year-old Luna Collins has been trained all her life by a covert government agency as the ultimate espionage agent. But everything she believes has turned out to be a lie. Now, working for a rogue agency, she has turned her back on the past, with a new mission that pits her against former allies. It can only end one way: a fight to the finish against those she loves.


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