The Browser Hacker's Handbook.pdf

The Browser Hacker's Handbook.pdf


A must-have tutorial on browser hacking Web browsers are everywhere. Not just as gateways to businesses, but also on phones, in cars, on TVs, and even on the International Space Station. Imagine what this means if someone is able to hack those browsers. The Browser Hacker's Handbook tackles the topic head-on. Written by a team of computer security experts, this in-depth book covers the many ways hackers gain access to browsers and lays out practical methods for attack and defense. It's a solid, hands-on tutorial for IT and security consultants, or anyone responsible for computer security. Web browsers are rapidly becoming the operating systems of the world, and they have special vulnerabilities that hackers exploit This unique book is a tutorial on browser hacking for anyone responsible for computer security Covers how hackers attack the users, web, and intranets via browsers Explores a host of security and technology issues including SSL, spoofing, phishing, DNS tunneling, fingerprinting, malware, XSS, exploitation and more Become an ethical hacker, protect your browsers, and beat the bad guys at their own game with The Browser Hacker's Handbook .


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