Pumpkin Eater: A Dan Sharp Mystery.pdf

Pumpkin Eater: A Dan Sharp Mystery.pdf


Jeffrey Round's first two books were listed on AfterElton's Top 100 Gay Books. "Lake on the Mountain" was the first in the Dan Sharp Mystery series and won the 2013 Lambda Literary Award for best gay mystery. He is also author of the Bradford Fairfax comic mystery series, as well as a film/stage director, television producer, and songwriter. His blog, A Writer's Half-Life, has been syndicated online. Round lives in Toronto.

Following an anonymous tip, missing persons investigator Dan Sharp makes a grisly find in a burned-out slaughterhouse in Toronto's west end. Someone is targeting known sex offenders whose names and identities were released on the Internet. When an iconic rock star contacts Dan to keep from becoming the next victim, things take a curious turn. Dan's search for a killer takes him underground in Toronto's broken social scene - a secret world of misfits and guerrilla activists living off the grid - where he hopes to find the key to the murders.


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