DIY Furniture: 2.pdf

DIY Furniture: 2.pdf


Christopher Stuart is an industrial designer and artist based in Indianapolis and the author of the first DIY Furniture title. He runs Luur Design ( He was formerly Senior Industrial Designer at Thomson Consumer Electronics and has been a consultant for brands such as Panasonic, Cisco, Philips and Heinz.

1. SHELVING AND STORAGE Naoya Matsuo - Tokyo, Japan Brikolor - Goteborg, Sweden Thomas Jenkins - Oslo, Norway Blanca Ortiz - Madrid, Spain 2. LIGHTING Sara Ebert - New York, US Brendan Keim - Rhode Island, US 45 Kilo, - Berlin, Germany Sarah Pease - US 3. TABLES AND DESKS Travis Ekmark - Atlanta, US Dominik Hehl - Berlin, Germany Daniel Franzen - Sweden Niccolo Spirito - Italy Stephanie Hornig - Austria 4. SEATING Studio Swine - London, UK Ruckerkorp - New York, US Ladies and Gentlemen - Seattle, US Kwangho Lee - Seoul, Korea Niccolo Spirito - Italy 5. BEDROOM Christopher Stuart, - Indiana, US Christian Hallerod - Stockholm, Sweden Love-Aesthetics - the Netherlands Ruckerkorp - New York, US Katrin Arens - Germany/Italy 6. OUTDOOR Studiomama - London, UK Daniel Franzen - Sweden Christopher Stuart - Indiana, US 7. MISCELLANEOUS Jean-Philippe Bonzon - Swiss/China Alvaro Wolmer of StudioMK27 - Brazil David Taylor - UK/Sweden Chen Chen and Kai Williams - New York, US

Featuring 30 new designs by leading designer-makers from around the world, DIY Furniture 2 builds on the international success of the previous title, showing you how to use simple techniques to make unique designer furniture. Including both conceptual pieces and contemporary designs in readily available materials, the book showcases an international selection of projects. Each project features hand-drawn diagrams with short, easy-to-follow instructions on how to build the piece. All the projects can be easily assembled using parts that you can find at the local DIY store, allowing the reader to create unique pieces at a fraction of the normal cost.


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