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Greetings from the Graveyard.pdf


Praise for DYING TO MEET YOU (Book One) "Fresh, funny."—Publishers Weekly
"This first title in a new series will appeal to readers, especially reluctant ones, as it moves quickly and leaves its audience eager for book two."—SLJ
Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee 2010-2011
Connecticut Nutmeg Award nominee 2011-2012
Maine Student Book Award nominee 2010-2011
New Hampshire Great Stone Face 2010-2011
Nevada Young Readers' Award nominee 2010-2011
Rhode Island Children's Book Award nominee 2010-2011
Arizona Grand Canyon Reader Award Nominee 2012
Georgia Children's Book Award Nominee 2011-2012
Illinois Bluestem Award Nominee 2012
Nebraska Golden Sower Award Nominee 2011-2012
Singapore Red Dot Book Award 2009-2010
The Society of School Librarians International Book Award 2009
West Virginia Children's Choice Book Award 2010-2011
Horned Toad Tale Nominee 2010-2011
Next Indie List 2009
Junior Library Guild selection 2009
Best of the Best Books, Chicago Public Library 2009
Oregon Battle of the Books 2011-2012
Florida Sunshine State Reading List 2011-2012
Alaska Battle of the Books 2011-2012
Washington Library Media Association Sasquatch nominee 2012
Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award nominee 2011-2012
Minnesota Youth Readign Awards (Maud Hart Lovelace) nominee 2012-2013


Praise for OVER MY DEAD BODY (Book Two):

Junior Library Guild selection 2010

"The laughter continues in this second installment."—Kirkus Reviews

"All in all, the short, graphic-heavy text and broad humor will appeal to middle grade readers."—SLJ


Praise for TILL DEATH DO US BARK (Book Three):

Junior Library Guild selection 2011

"Good, merry fun dances on every page, with bubbling humor for child and adult alike."--Kirkus Reviews

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
If a ghost can write books,
Why not greeting cards, too?

The bestselling trio from Spence Mansion is launching a greeting card company called Greetings from the Graveyard. But what kind of card do you send to an ex-girlfriend who threatens to publish the love letters of Ignatius B. Grumply? And what do you send when the town of Ghastly is rocked by its first crime wave and two escaped convicts are on the loose? If you’re Olive C. Spence, you send for your old butler, T. Leeves, who arrives just in time for tea—and trouble!

Told in generously illustrated letters and newspaper articles, these books are a visual feast perfect for kids who love series like Big Nate and the Dork Diaries but with a ghostly twist.


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