Breathing Room: Declutter Your Heart, Declutter Your Home.pdf

Breathing Room: Declutter Your Heart, Declutter Your Home.pdf


"Breathing Room is a fascinating blend of the spiritual, practical and personal stories about how we can all declutter our lives. The book provides a clear guide to accomplish the inner work you need to do not only to declutter your physical world, but also to accomplish this in mind and spirit." (Matt Chan creator and executive producer of A&E's series Hoarders)

"With clarity, compassion, and humor, Lauren Rosenfeld and Dr. Melva Green help us see the deep connection between living space and heart space—guiding us toward freedom and ease within both. With both spiritual lessons and easy to do exercises, this book is a perfect blend of theory and practice. Readers of Breathing Room will soon find themselves rejoicing in the wide open spaces of both home and heart." (Joan Borysenko, PhD author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, and Inner Peace for Busy People)

"[Breathing Room] has helped me deeply understand that clearing space is not just about the 'stuff' in my house, but, more importantly, the 'stuff' in my heart." (Patti Digh author of Life is a Verb)

"This book is genius. If you shut down when faced with your clutter, if clutter is stopping you from living the beautiful life that is your birthright, read this book! It has what you need to change your relationship to clutter forever! (Jennifer Louden author of The Woman's Comfort Book and The Life Organizer)

"Breathing Room puts the Om into your home and the grease into your elbows! This is where the spirituality of clutter meets practicality with a big dose of compassion. Well done!" (Tisha Morris author of Mind Body Home)

"Who knew that clearing your physical space of unnecessary clutter could be a path of self-reflection and deep learning? Well Lauren Rosenfeld & Dr. Melva Green—that's who! In Breathing Room these two wise women guide us in how to learn from the spaces where we live and create rooms that reflect a nourished and nourishing heart. With compassion and humor they help us find a way to let the beauty we are shine through the inevitable messiness of being human." (Oriah Mountain Dreamer author of The Invitation)

"A compassionate guide to clearing out your clutter, and inviting space, light, and peace into your home and heart." (Francine Jay author of The Joy of Less and A Minimalist Living Guide)

Dr. Melva Green is a board-certified psychiatrist, TV personality, and spiritual healer. She is an expert doctor on the popular and critically acclaimed A&E show Hoarders. Dr. Green lives with her son in Costa Rica, where she will soon be opening a retreat center for medical professionals in need of emotional healing and spiritual renewal.

Lauren Rosenfeld, M.A., M.Ed., believes that the mundane details of our life are the stepping stones on our intimate path of the spirit. She is a professional Soul Declutterer who helps her clients let go of physical and emotional clutter that are preventing them their Breathing Room. She coauthored Your To Be List and blogs at, where she shares lessons on how our daily lives shine with spiritual lessons. She is an unapologetic hippie-peacenick-pluralist-dreamer who resides in Asheville, North Carolina, with her husband and four children.

Cleaning out your cupboards isn’t just about a tidier kitchen. Find peace, repair your past, and live a more fulfilled life with this uplifting guide to the spiritual practice of decluttering.

Everyone’s home could use some decluttering. But you’d be surprised by how enlightening a neat, organized space really is. Find your keys, and you’ll find peace. Organize your closet, and you’ll organize your thoughts. Get rid of junk, and you’ll rid your life of excess emotional baggage. That’s because of one simple, intuitive rule: the clutter in your home is a reflection of the clutter in your heart.

In Breathing Room, Dr. Melva Green, expert on A&E’s Emmy-nominated series Hoarders, along with Lauren Rosenfeld, creator of the popular blog Your To Be List, help you find emotional healing and spiritual renewal through the unique practice of decluttering. Whether it’s clothing that no longer fits or relationships we’ve outgrown, we all have burdens and attachments that manifest themselves in our physical living space.

In each chapter, Green and Rosenfeld focus on a different room, showing how each one represents a corresponding place in your heart. The bedroom is for peace and intimacy. The kitchen is for comfort and creativity. By reflecting on what we value most in our lives, we can clear out our homes and let go of the spiritual “junk” we all hold on to—our resentment, anger, insecurity, doubts, and fears.

By following the simple exercises outlined in this book, anyone who chooses to can enjoy a purified home and heart. Today is the day to let go, make space, and identify what is truly valuable in your life. It’s time to find your breathing room.


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