Larry Gets Lost in Washington, DC.pdf

Larry Gets Lost in Washington, DC.pdf


JOHN SKEWES is a professional illustrator living in Seattle. He began work as a product designer and character artist for Disney Consumer Products before leaving to start his own company, Retrodyne Industries, in 2001. His clients include Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, Fox, Pixar, and Simon & Schuster. As the creator and illustrator of the award-winning Larry Gets Lost children's book series, John has followed Larry from the southern tip of Texas to tiny Nome, Alaska, and has been lost several times himself. He has illustrated over 20 children's books, including the Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

ANDREW FOX grew up in Connecticut, and has lived all over the country. Currently he resides in Seattle where he is an elementary school teacher and loves cooking, hiking, kayaking, and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. This is his second Larry Gets Lost book.

The newest adventure in the Larry Gets Lost series of best-selling children’s books (over 100,000 copies sold) highlights one adorable dog’s adventures in Washington, DC.
Larry is a precocious pup who loves to go on vacation with his owner Pete and the family. In his latest adventure, they visit the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, where Larry, as usual, gets separated from the family when he’s lured away by the scent of something yummy! As he searches DC for Pete, Larry discovers the city’s greatest landmarks, including the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Jefferson Memorial, the Smithsonian, the Beltway, the Supreme Court, and the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, among others. But will he find Pete and be reunited with the family? And most important of all, will he come snout-to-snout with the beloved First Dog? Filled with charming retro illustrations, the Larry Gets Lost in Washington, DC, is an educational and fun tour of our nation’s capital.


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